Tuesday, 27 August 2013

iERA, Hamza Tzortzis, The Quran Project and those scientists

Having already blogged iERA changes stance on Quran miracle claims I had no intention of writing any more on the subject of Hamza's article rejecting miracle claims in the Quran.  However, this morning I read this blog post by Captain Spinoza and it reminded me of this Tweet.

In July 2012 it was announced that Hamza Tzortzis had joined the team at The Quran Project.  The Quran Project have a Quran which they distribute free of charge using charity donations.  In the back of this Quran there are (you guessed it) scientific miracle claims which are now rejected by Hamza.  Not only this but it also uses quotes from those scientists who in the 80's and 90's were tricked into making sound bite statements which incorrectly implied they thought the Quran was scientifically miraculous, the same scientists that Hamza now acknowledges were misrepresented and who's statements should not be used in proselytising. [See page 724 entitled "Scientific Miracles of the Qur'an" in their online Quran]

In June 2012, three months after being notified of their unintentional mistake, The Quran Project were trying to raise funds for the 5th print of their book and had already raised over £41,000.

A tweet announcing delivery of this 5th print run was posted on August 18th, 2012, five months after being notified of their unintentional mistake, which is obviously plenty of time to revise the print run or at the very least postpone the printing in order not to waste over £40,000 on a book containing a massive section of known fraudulent claims.  As you can see from the screen capture the print run went ahead anyway, and the response of QuranProjectOrg was effectively to stick their fingers in their ears by blocking me.

Hamza was aware of these interviews before he joined The Quran Project team in July 2012.  The Quran Project team also knew about these interviews before they ordered a new print of their fraudulent Quran.  I also phoned them to ensure they had seen the interviews and was told "Yes we know, so what do you want?"  Now nearly a year and a half later The Quran Project still have not updated even the downloadable PDF document on their website.

This all now raises these questions in addition to those asked by Captain Spinoza
  1. Hamza's article is on his personal website. Do iERA also intend to publish a statement on their official website?
  2. Has Hamza resigned from The Quran Project team for spreading untruth, which is explicitly forbidden in the Quran [2.42]?
  3. Will The Quran Project remove statements they now know to be deliberate deceptions from their downloadable PDF and also their next print run?
I suppose the primary question is:
Which is more important, making new Muslims and raising funds or being honest?


  1. Good post Rationalizer. Shall follow this story with interest.
    I agree that Hamza's apparent change of mind is lacking sincerity.
    Actions speak louder than words...

  2. Oops PREVIOUS post wrong link !!

    Hamza 'Quranifies' Greek embryology here


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