Saturday, 12 January 2013

An open letter to Hamza Tzortzis and iERA (Islamic Education & Research Academy)

You are currently promoting an event by the name of "The Eternal Challenge."  It is described as follows "The Eternal Challenge, has been designed to take you from not knowing anything about how to provide a strong case for the Qur'an, to someone who can discuss it confidently with Professor Richard Dawkins."

This is quite an impressive claim.  I have been trying to get you (Mr Tzortzis) to discuss this subject with me for some time - "The Quran and the Universe, perfect creations of Allah?" which would of course cover the subject of the incorrect claim that the Quran is perfect.  You previously agreed to have a skype discussion with me and then pulled out, you then suggesting to me (unprompted) at a later date that we could perhaps have the discussion after all.  I am disappointed to see that my requests to you both in private and in public to have this skype call as agreed with me have fallen on deaf ears.

Are you really capable of training Muslims to talk confidently about the Quran with top debaters such as Mr Dawkins, or are you just using his name for promotional purposes?  You can't push courses claiming to train people to do the very thing you yourself are avoiding.

I look forward to your acceptance.


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  1. These people dont care about debates, they`re only doing what any religious organization ever does, make money by exploiting feeble minded people giving them fools-hope & BS promises. They know they cant win against rational thoughts & logic, I know these idiots all to well, you cannot believe just how stupid these preachers & their followers can be. I`m from Pakistan & was raised as a muslim, but i struggled to digest the crap i was taught. So i can definately tell you with confidence these people are nothing more than egotistical self-righteous Pricks who have nothing better to do then poison people`s minds & make them do as they wish, Ofcourse because they only follow the teachings of Koran.

  2. its a shame mr. muhammad ali, what u r calling crap is the deen of our Lord Allah and these ppl are following the word of frm pakistan too. u wer not taught well enuf i gues

    1. No. He's right. It's bullshit. If you're offended, too bad. What you don't understand is that the only evidence for your God, or any God is in a book that was written by people with very limited knowledge compared to us today. Also, the "GOD-DID-IT" explanation for anything, anytime, anywhere has a 0% success rate. Face it. The odds that Allah existing outside the mythology of the Koran are slim to none, and "none" just left town. Good for the young man who actually used his brain to see through the fairytale. What you really mean is that he wasn't brainwashed enough yet.

  3. Most muslims beleive the quran is the uncreated speech of Allah not a creation as such.

  4. Quran is our Holy Book. what do you mean Mr Majestik that Most Muslims Believe the Quran? ALHAMDULILLAH every Muslim believe the Quran. And Recite Daily in your five time prayer. The Holy Quran is the best Book in the world.
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