Tuesday, 1 September 2015

QuranX.com analytics for August 2015

There were a total of 28,306 page views on QuranX.com during August 2015. The visitors were mainly 25-34 year olds. 31% were female.

A welcome change to the statistics has been the geographic locations of the visitors. Previously most visitors were from the UK and US, but for the first time most of the visitors to the site were from Pakistan.

  1. Pakistan - 2,011
  2. UK - 1,321
  3. US - 1,245
  4. India - 1,097
Followed by Saudi Arabia, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Netherlands, and Canada.

76.9% of visitors found QuranX.com through entering a search term in Google. 13.8% came directly to the site (via a browser bookmark for example). 0.06% were referrals from other websites, and 0.03% came via social media links.

It seems that the majority of QuranX.com visitors find their way via Google searches rather than links. Which is quite surprising considering how Google increases the rankings of sites based on how many other sites link to them.

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  1. Peace be with you.

    Not sure if you are the author of QuranX.com, or perhaps you know the person or are able to directly notify them... if so, please do.

    I've noticed the left hand column does not scroll down (where one previously was able to choose a particular translation).

    I think it may have been disabled or something was broken due to the inclusion of the Patreon link, or perhaps it was something else.

    I've been unable to reach the author via other means.

    Thank you.


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