Tuesday, 27 August 2013

QuranX.com feature list

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As I have been adding features to QuranX I thought I'd maintain this post to document those features.

Displaying all hadiths related to a specific verse

No description required, it's very simple http://quranx.com/hadiths/54.1

Displaying all tafsirs for a specific verse

Again very simple http://quranx.com/tafsirs/54.1

Showing all translations

When linking to QuranX.com verses it is possible to ensure that all translations are displayed regardless of which translations the user has selected manually.  This ensures that when you cite a verse the translation you cite will be visible

Highlighting text

This is particularly useful when linking to QuranX.com from a blog when you wish to highlight a specific point.  This works in Quran verses, hadiths and tafsir texts.

  1. Single word hl=TheWord
  2. Multiple words hl=WordOne,WordTwo,WordThree
  3. Phrases can be highlighted by separating words like so hl=in+the+name
  4. You can even have multiples of words and phrases mixed
Note that modifiers after the question mark may be combined using the & sign, for example to show allTranslations of verse 1.1 and also highlight the word Allah you can do this http://quranx.com/1.1?hl=Allah&allTranslations=y

Displaying multiple verses

Again useful for linking to QuranX to illustrate a specific point.

  1. Single verse. Chapter 1 Verse 1
  2. Range of verses. Chapter 1 verses 3 to 5
  3. Non sequential verses separated by commas
A combination of single verse and verse ranges can be separated by commas, like so http://quranx.com/1.1,10.1-3,23.1

Searching for phrases

You may search for an exact phrase by encompassing it in quotes.  For example "In the name of Allah".

Searching for partial words

You may use an asterisk * to indicate any number of unknown characters.  For example searching for the word sex will only show exact results, whereas searching for sex* would also include matches for sexual, sexuality, sextuplets etc.

It is possible to use multiple asterisks in a single word, for example m*h*m*d would match both Muhammad and Mohammed.

Searching within a specific context

The search in the header of the site will look through all text on the website.  If you wish to search only the Quran, only tafsirs/hadiths, or a specific tafsir/hadith collection then click the Advanced Search link at the top of the page and select the context you wish to search within.

Search expressions

By default QuranX will search for all words entered, it is possible to use the conditional statements AND and OR by writing them in uppercase.  For example love AND mercy would show only matches with both words, whereas love AND (mercy OR compassion) would show matches where the word love exists but only when accompanied by either the word mercy or compassion.

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